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Inspiration, Curiosity, Commitment

These three words define who I was, who I became and the path I took to get here.  From a very early age once I was inspired to do something I was totally committed to it (even to a fault, I would never give up). I was the little girl under the boardwalk in Ocean City collecting shells, rocks and anything else I could find. I would then line them up on the board walk and pursue my buyers as they strolled along. So I've been a serial entrepreneur from the age of 6.

I'm inspired by many things resulting in a life full of exciting and some not so exciting  ventures but interesting nevertheless. As I moved  beyond my Ocean City youth the common thread in my pursuits was curiosity. I always wanted to know how everything worked, whether it created a solution or could it be better. Curiosity was abundant. IT WAS MY NATURE!

Strapptz began in much the same way. I've both experienced and observed how women's straps were always peeking out from their clothing, falling off their shoulders and just not serving the purpose intended. I also noted the growing popularity of strapless tops and dresses along with  skirts that can be pulled up and worn strapless as a dress. Lovely to wear but as a practicality no one can help but continually tug on them to keep them in place and as a friend's Mom told her: ” There's nothing more unattractive than a woman constantly fussing with her clothes."  
Strapptz  was a blessing from above, born out of a need I observed. As I went to bed one night my prayer was to ask for guidance and divine inspiration about the path I should be taking. I woke the next morning on fire with this idea. I have developed all of the beautiful patterns you find on our website with more added every day. We can also customize straps for special occasions or events such as weddings, sporting events, etc., we’ll be happy to provide a quote!

Strapptz can attach to almost anything via a clip which are currently in black or bronze. Typically they are attached to a strapless bandeau which we sell and adorned with one of our off-shoulder tops or your own. They can also attach to a strapless bra or directly to the top or dress itself. Our clips have a plastic insert to protect your fabric.

Enjoy our site and offerings. You will love how our Strapptz and clothing feel and look and want them in every color. We’ve designed them for comfort, ease of wearing and fashion. They are easy to care for and travel well. Change your Strapptz, shoes and jewelry and go easily from day to night.

Thank you for choosing Strapptz. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving your ongoing needs.

My Best to You,
Karen Brooks

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